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Houses for sale in Gran Alacant

Those who want to buy a house in Gran Alacant are usually looking for a typical holiday home. Here in Gran Alacant there are mainly terraced houses or row houses for sale. These terraced houses were mostly built between 2000 and 2010 and partly characterise the townscape of Gran Alacant. Many urbanisations consist exclusively of these terraced houses. These include the neighbourhoods of Costa Hispania, Gran Vista, Montefaro and Sierra Mar. The terraced houses are multi floor units and usually between 70 and 120 m² in size and very often have a roof terrace (called a solarium here). In the area of Monte y Mar (near the Gabe Market / GA Center) there are also some detached single-family houses as well as semi-detached houses, mostly with small round bay windows and Mediterranean dome extensions.

The quality varies depending on the year of construction and the builder – the salty sea air, the Sahara sand that settles everywhere and, of course, the wear and tear from renting and living in the property can greatly affect the condition.

Looking for a house with a own swimming pool or a community pool?

In the area of Monte y Mar (in the area of C. Holanda, C. Luexemburgo) and San Sebastian almost all properties for sale are detached- or semi detached houses also have a private pool, while the other neighbourhoods in Gran Alacant are characterised by one or more communal pools within a mostly closed urbanisation.

The advantage of a house is about privacy. One does not have to share the entrance house with others. However, as these are mostly mid-range holiday properties, the walls of a typical mid-range terraced house to the neighbour are also light-hearted and due to the construction of double-row terraced house lines, you often have a neighbour on three sides, if you don’t happen to call a terraced end house your own.

Looking for houses close to the beach?

Only the urbanisations Costa Hispania, Novamar 5 and 6 and Novabeach are really close to the beach in Gran Alacant. Close to the beach means about 10 to 15 minutes by foot.

Of course, you can also walk 30 minutes – but you have to climb a good 100 metres to the residential areas in the direction of Novabeach and Gran Vista, which makes every walk in summer temperatures a sporting challenge. Most tourists use a car or other means of transport to get to the beach. Be aware: houses with sea front, doesnt mean often that you can easliy can walk to to the beach due to the geographical situation in Gran Alacant.

Buying a house with a sea view?

If you want to buy a house with sea view, then the coastal urbanisations such as Panorama, Carabasi, El Faro, Olivio de Oro and Panorama Sea View are worth mentioning. From here you have a fantastic view over the bay of Alicante and can watch breathtaking sunrises over the Mediterranean live. Due to the hillside location, many houses also offer a view of the sea from their roof terrace. Properties facing the N-332 / GA Center, on the other hand, have to make do without a sea view. Houses for sale with a sea view are about 10 to 15% more expensive than houses without a sea view or sea front.

Tips & Prerequisites for Buying a House in Spain

If you are a non-Spaniard (foreigner) and want to buy a house in Gran Alacant, you will need a so-called NIE number to complete the purchase contract. This is like a personal identification number for the Spanish state, which is needed for the registration in the land register but also for the land tax, real estate tax and property tax. You can get this NIE number from your local Spanish consulate, for example. This is usually the first hurdle that prevents first-time buyers from buying a house “quickly”. This is because the application and issuing process can take a good 4 to 8 weeks. Faster is possible with some services, where you can pay up to £1,200 to speed up the process. However, caution is advised as highly sensitive documents (such as your passport/ID card) have to be sent around.

Houses for sale: The best property portals for Gran Alacant

The best way to find your next holiday home in Gran Alacant is to check out the portals Rightmove, Idealista, Kyero or to consult a local estate agent. Bargain houses via forced auctions are also available in Spain – a look at the official auction portal may be worthwhile.

Need help to find the right property in Gran Alacant?

You also can write us an e-mail about your needs and we will look into it.