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Love GA? Get your free e-mail address –, today!

Check here if your user name is still available. Send us your request and we will setup your e-mail address.

Q: Is it free?

A: Yes, the e-mail address comes with no fees at all.

Q: Can the e-mail address used as a forwarding e-mail address – e.g. e-mails to are forwared to

A: Yes, you can set a rule to forward all your incoming e-mails to an e-mail address of your choice.

Q: Why should I register for an e-mail address?


  • Remarkable, when you want to communicate to your clients or businesses. Instead of “” you can use, or as you like.
  • For privacy protection, when you want to offer a service, but won’t publish your personal e-mail address.
  • Because you are dedicated to GA.
  • For any other reasons connected to Gran Alacant.

Q: Is the service high available?

A: Our hosting company said 99.9%

Q: Can I send e-mail from my new e-mail address?

A: Sure, in that case you have to use the webmail interface or your e-mail client (e.g. Outlook)

Q: Is there a way to read my e-mails online / through web mail?

A: Yes, at out web-based mail interface you can access your mails from any place in the world.

Q: Can I connect through IMAP / SMTP to my inbox?

A: Sure, the IMAP server address is: / SSL, port 993 – The SMTP address is also / SSL / port 465

Q: Can I reset my initial password?

A: Of course and we recommend to do that immediately after your first login.

Q: How many accounts can I register?

A: One.

Q: What is about spam?

A: We will keep the right to send an e-mail to your address, to keep you informed about GA related topics. We do not sell or distribute your e-mail adress to third parties. If your e-mail address is public available / published on any website, forums or print outs, then the normal “spam” as with any other e-mail address reach your inbox. If you think there is to much spam, we can adjust the spam filter (SpamAssassin) sensitivity (a value between 0 and 10, default on 5) on your account. Technically outgoing e-mails are using TLS 1.3 encryption, SPF record and DKIM signature for secure standardized e-mail transfer and spam prevention.

Q: Can I delete my account?

A: Sure, just send us a message, we will check and delete your account. In case we got informed about abuse the service, the account can be suspended or become deleted.

Q: I forgot my passwort for my e-mail address!

A: Send us an e-mail, we will reset the password for you.

Q: How much space comes with the free e-mail account?

A: At least 100 MB, enough space for about 15.000 text e-mails. No worries, when forwarding is used. More space on request.

Q: What is about nettiquete, abuse, fair use and other rules?

A: No drugs, racism, hate and po*n. Excessive use (e.g. send more than 200 out mails / day) can cause suspension. Any reported abuse will cause in suspension. Please be fair to keep the service up and running. You should have or have had some sort of connection to Gran Alacant.

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