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Incidence of coronavirus 🦠️ (COVID-19) cases in Gran Alacant / Santa Pola

Data & COVID contagion rate for Gran Alacant / Santa Pola) region

Update: The report of new data stopped @ 30/03/2022 due to the resolution from March 22.

The current incidence in Gran Alacant (Santa Pola) is 474 (+222). This number corresponds to 158 PCR+ cases in the last 14 days.
Last update 31.03.2022 from official source:

Map Incidences of Gran Alacant

Corona incidence data for Alicante / Alacant:

For the district of Alacant, in which the city of Alicante is located, the current Covid-19 incidence is 341 (+89). The value is calculated from the positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants reported in the past 14 days. The district of Alicante currently has 15348 inhabitants. The incidence value is based on 1152 positive PCR+ cases.
The latest update of Covid-19 infected data for Alicante / Alacant 31.03.2022 Source:

Alicante Corona Incidence Covid19

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