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An aparthotel is now to be built on the Carabassi beach

The area on the beach of Carabassi, behind El Clot, between Gran Alacant and Los Arenales, is to be converted into a hotel. The original plan was to build covered car parks on the site, then it was said that there would be pitches for caravans, and now the town hall has approved a process for the construction of an aparthotel complex, as MurciaToday recently reported. Following the purchase of the land and the demolition of the old hotel complex in Los Arenales, many were already expecting a new hotel. Planning is still at an early stage and the construction project is expected to cost around 16 million euros. The hotel complex will comprise 200 residential units (one- and two-bedroom flats) and six swimming pools. At present, only 60 per cent of the 16,000 m² area can be built on and a maximum of two floors are planned. The contract was awarded to Miraclot SL. It remains to be seen whether the plans will be realised: With the current redevelopment of the area, it could also become an theme park next month 🙂

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